Convert Fluorescent to Smart LED
Lighting in 10 Minutes

The Alec RF1 LED Retrofit Kit can easily and economically transform an existing 2 ft or 4 ft fluorescent troffer light fixture into a high efficacy, dimmable LED luminaire in 10 minutes. When used with the Alec LC1 dimming controller, your old fluorescent light instantly transforms into a modern Smart LED lighting fixture that minimizes energy wastage using vacancy control and daylight harvesting technology.

Before you Begin - General Safety Information
  1. Review the installation diagrams thoroughly before you begin.
  2. The installation should be performed by qualified personnel or licensed electricians.
  3. All electrical connections must comply with local codes, ordinance, and the National Electric Code. If you are unfamiliar with electrical wiring, please engage the services of a qualified licensed electrician.
  4. Before you start the installation, disconnect the power by turning off the circuit breaker or by removing the appropriate fuse at the fuse box.Note: turning off the light switch alone may not be sufficient to prevent an electric shock during installation.
  5. Equipment should be mounted in locations and at heights where it will not be easily tampered with by unauthorized personnel.
Installation Steps

1. Turn off power to the fixture. Remove the fluorescent tubes and the ballast cover. figure1.jpg

2. Disconnect old ballast from AC line. Remove ballast if there is no plan to reverse the installation. figure2.jpg

3. Place new LED driver to fixture. Permanent magnet keeps driver in place. Connect driver’s AC inputs to the mains. figure3.jpg

4. Place the LED strips onto fixture. Permanent magnets hold the LED strips in place.


5. Retrieve the wire harness from the Retrofit Kit. figure5.jpg

6. Connect wire harness between driver and LED strips using the mating quick-connectors. figure6.jpg

7. Place the Alec LC1 controller on the T-bar grid adjacent to the fixture. LC1 attaches to the steel surface with its embedded magnet.

Wherever possible select a location for LC1 that is closest to the work area so that the occupancy sensor is at maximum sensitivity and the daylight sensor will be regulating the light level nearest the work area. You can also purchase LC1 extension cable to expand the distance between LC1 and the LED driver.

Once the LC1 is located in place, run the connecting wire from LC1 controller into the fixture through its opening.


8. Connect the wires from LC1 to the LED driver using the mating quick-connectors. Put back the ballast cover and paste the Caution Label on the the cover.


9. If you need to locate the LC1 controller at a further distance away from the LED driver, you can use one or more extension cables to connect between the LC1 controller and the RF1 retrofit kit, as shown below: figure9.jpg

Using LC1 Lighting Controller
For help on how to configure the LC1 controllers using its trimmers and ALEC mobile app, please visit:

ALEC LC1 Configuration Guide: