The No Brainer, Smart LED Conversion (SLC) Kit For Fluorescent Light


  • Inefficient, short lifespan
  • High operating cost
  • Mostly non-dimmable – full or no light
  • Poorer lighting quality with age
  • Toxic to environment (contain mercury)
 Smart LED

  • High Efficiency, Long life
  • Auto dim light when space is vacant
  • Auto dim light when daylight is present
  • Excellent lighting quality
  • Save 80% to 95% energy

  Why SLC?

  • Highest Savings
  • Low Upfront Cost
  • Better Lighting
  • Quick Installation
  • No fixture disposal
  • Read More..

1. Real-life SLC Projects

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Emergency Corridor (Save 95%)
Underground Carpark (Save 88%)
Retail Store (Save 86%)

Public Storage Facility (Save 96%)


2. The World’s Quickest Smart Lighting Project

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Looking to save the maximum amount of lighting energy for existing buildings as quickly as possible, with no disruption to your business and at the lowest cost? Look no further! For less time than it takes to draw up an engineering drawing for the lighting control plan for most other lighting control projects, you could have already converted all your fluorescent lights to smart LED lights and start saving lots of money (and saving tons of CO2) immediately. ALEC SLC is a true no-brainer choice for the following reasons:

    • Quick conversion: Typically takes less than 10 minutes per fixture. The LED driver, LED lighting strips, and lighting controller all have magnetic backing, which allow them to be magnetically snapped onto the fixture body without requiring any tools.
    • No project overheads: Conversion is almost as quick and simple as a routine re-lamping effort. Since no changes to the electrical wirings, the facility managers do not need to deal with costly project planning, specifying, and commissioning normally associated with smart lighting installation.
    • No disruption to current operation: Thanks to the quick conversion process.
    • No disposal cost of existing fixture body: Minimizes waste, hence more environmentally friendly.
    • No above-ceiling re-wiring required: The electrician simply switches the AC wiring from the ballast to the LED driver within the troffer body. No need for Hazardous Building Materials Assessment (a legal requirement that protects workers against harmful materials such as asbestos, lead, mercury, etc).
    • Integrated Control: The integrated lighting controller in the ALEC-SLC provides the occupancy, vacancy and daylight harvesting control function to every converted luminaire to minimize energy wastage. The lighting controller is designed to be able to perform seamless dimming and brightening of the light with programmable fade ON and fade OFF time.


3. Smart & Easy – Configure In 10 seconds!

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The fully programmable LC1 Smart Lighting Controller included with every SLC is incredibly simple to setup. Just connect a PC or a smart phone to the LC1 using a USB cable, and select one of the pre-defined profiles. Then click the “Write Settings” button on the screen, and the controller is setup and ready to deploy! You can further fine-tune every configurable parameter for special applications:

Note: LC1 can be powered by the USB cable directly for programming purpose and hence can be configured quickly without being installed first!

Field Commissioning

Once deployed in the field, the electrician can adjust the 4 most common parameters using nothing more than a screw driver: Vacancy time-out, User-set working brightness, Vacancy dim-to brightness, and enable or disable Daylight harvesting. Need more fine tuning? Just connect a smartphone to the controller anytime. Nothing but extraordinary flexibility in this incredible, low cost Smart LED Conversion kit.


4. SLC Installation Guide

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A. Watch SLC Installation Video
B. Read Smart LED Conversion Kit Installation Guide :


5. Conversion Kit Models:       How To Buy?

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View all available SLC Models


6. Smart LED For Open Office

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It should be obvious that you can really save a staggering amount of energy by auto-dimming unused spaces, especially in areas that require 24/7 lighting, such as carparks, stairwells and any pathways used for emergency exit.

However, the largest amount of wasted lighting energy in commercial space is actually in lighting up the open-plan offices (aka “open offices”) which are common throughout the world. Unlike enclosed spaces where simple on/off occupancy-based lighting control may be a code-compliant, albeit non-ideal compromise, open offices present a big challenge to lighting control because the space is shared. However, with luminaire-level lighting control attainable only with ALEC SLC, you will now be able to instantly convert the fluorescent lights (commonly used in open office lighting) to Smart LED lights and save more than 80% energy, with no disruption to your existing operation. For more details, please click the white paper link next to find out why and how to save vast amounts of otherwise wasted energy in open-plan offices.

7. Conversion versus New LED Panel/Light?

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Another option for upgrading your fluorescent fixtures is to replace them with brand new LED panels or fixtures. Sure, these new lights may look cool. But, do you know that in many jurisdictions, upgrading > 10% of your lighting load would mandate installation of advanced, often costly lighting control to comply with new building energy codes such as ASHRARE 90.1, NECB or Title 24? With its built-in smart controller and sensors, the Smart LED Conversion Kit offers many advantages over the new LED panel option for upgrading an existing fluorescent fixture:

Ease of Installation
=> Lower Installation Cost.
    • Takes only 10 minutes per fixture to convert using SLC.
    • No need to remove existing fixture to install new panel.
    • No need for above-ceiling re-wiring of AC mains to accommodate lighting control system.
Lower Hardware Cost Cost only a fraction of a new dimmable LED panel light (before adding any control).
Energy Code Compliant SLC’s built-in dimming controller is fully configurable to meet any of the building energy codes (ASHRAE 90.1 NECB, Title 24 etc). No need to spend hundreds of dollars to add control hardware for compliance.
Environmentally Friendly No need to dispose off perfectly good fixture body. Save on disposal cost.
Long Lifespan Similar lifespan as standard LED panel – up to 50,000 hours when operating at full power, and carry a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, thanks to the vacancy and daylight dimming by the smart controller, the LED lamps’ lifespan is expected to extend well beyond the rated full-power lifespan.
Ease of Maintenance When an LED panel fails or reaches its end-of-life, the whole panel must be replaced by a qualified electrician. With SLC, every individual component is quickly replaceable using its quick connectors. E.g. Each individual LED lamp on the SLC can be quickly detached from the low voltage DC power, and a new lamp can be replaced within < 1 minute!

8. Conversion versus LED Tubes?

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Please visit: SLC Vs LED Tubes

Appendix. On-line Sample Energy Savings Calculator

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