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How The Smart LED Conversion Kit (SLC) Works

See how easy, fast and efficient it is to setup and transform your fluorescent lights with the Alec Smart LED conversion kit.

A 10-minute conversion is all it takes to immediately reduce wasted energy by up to 95% for 24/7 lighted spaces such as parkades, stairwells and walkways. Typically payback in about 1 year from electricity saved!

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The Most Energy-Efficient Upgrade Solution For Fluorescents

Discover the best features of our easy to install, hassle-free LED lighting solutions

Adjustable Brightness

No under/over lighting.
Customize light level for users.

Automated Lighting

Programmable Fade Dim/Bright, On/Off Sequences

Maximum Energy Savings

Save 80%-95% lighting energy.
Payback 1-3 years

Quick Conversion

No above-ceiling wiring.
Minimal disruption.

Retain Current Fixtures

Convert any tube-fixture, 100-347V, Imperial/Metric sizes.

Superior Lighting

No burnt out or flickering tubes.
Safe comfortable lighting.

Energy Code Compliant

DLC, ETL, CSA certified. Meets ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, NECB

Maintenance Free

Trouble-free LED. Advanced All-in-One Sensors-Controller

Super Scalable

Easy to start with just 1 room.
Add where needed anytime.

Our Lighting Makes A Difference

Lighting systems built for efficiency, energy saving and enhanced experience


Projects Showcase

Wondering if SLC is right for you? View some real-life SLC projects that could be similar to yours:

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Why Choose Alec Control

  • Improved productivity – Adjust any light to ideal working brightness using handheld remote. Eliminate over- or under-lighting = zero waste.
  • Cool user experience – You will love the welcome feeling that your lights brighten up smoothly when you arrive and dim down slowly when you leave.
  • Reduced HVAC load – 1W saved by smart LED = 1W less aircon load = double energy savings!
  • Satisfaction of being GREEN – Employing new technology to eliminate energy waste. No more frequent tube and ballast replacement. Upgrading with SLC also means not sending perfectly good fixtures to landfill.

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