ALEC – The Simplest, No Hassle Solutions To Smart Lighting

SmartLighting is a new generation of lighting controllers and Smart LED lights that bring advanced lighting control technology to everyone. Backed by 25 years of expertise in producing highly reliable and easy to use industrial grade programmable logic controllers (PLC), we have successfully created a range of smart lighting controllers that are unlike anything you have seen before!

Our mission is to make use of dimmability in LED lighting to:
 ▪ minimize energy waste;
 ▪ enhance user comfort and experience; and
 ▪ cut the cost of adding smart control capabilities to LED lights

Product Families

1. The No Brainer, Standalone Smart LED Lighting

Existing fluorescent lighting can instantly benefit from this new technology using our new Smart Lighting Conversion Kit (SLC). For about the same amount of effort it takes to re-lamp your fluorescent fixture, you could convert the fluorescent light into *Smart LED light. Within < 10 minutes your new smart LED lighting will start saving up to 95% energy compared to your old fluorescent light! No complicated project planning, specifying and execution. The converted Smart LED light meets all energy code such as ASHRAE 90.1-2016.

Click here or the picture below to learn more.


2. Life-Is-Easy: Networked Lighting Control System For New Constructions

Specifiers for new installations will find a super powerful, super scalable all-in-one lighting control system in a low-cost palm-sized unit that is also incredibly easy to implement, compared to traditional panel-based lighting controllers.

The same all-in-one controller is all you need to implement one zone to thousands of zones of connected lighting system. This product won the Federal Government “Build In Canada Innovation Program” (BCIP) grant. Click here or the picture below to learn more.