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*Smart LED

One of the great benefits of LEDs is dimmability and the amount of energy consumed by an LED is directly proportional to the brightness output. It is thus possible to maximize energy savings by dimming down the artificial light when it is not needed (e.g. when no occupant is around or there is sufficient daylight from side windows or skylight. Such lighting control techniques are known as vacancy control and daylight harvesting.

compatible, 0-10V

A compatible LED driver must meet all the following specifications:
1. The LED driver is a UL/CSA Class 2 device (output 15-42VDC, power <=100W) 2. 0-10V dimming input. Either sourcing or sinking type & current < 10mA. 3. Must be able to dim to zero light output. 4. The lowest LED+ output voltage should be >= 15VDC (even at zero light output).