truly simplifies the selection, planning and installation of a smart lighting control system because there are only very few components needed to implement a complete system regardless of the project size.

To find out more information about the products that forms an SmartLighting system, please click on the image or the associated links:

Alec ZC001: Zone Controller with 0-10V Dimming Output

Alec ZC002: Zone Controller with TRIAC Phase-cut Dimming Output

PB01-BWS-1: Single Push Button Switch on White Steel Plate

PB01-BWS-2: Double Push Button Switch on White Steel Plate

MoSen-SR-4m: Standard Range Motion Sensor with 4m cable

MoSen-LR: Long Range Motion Sensor

Alec GW-E01: Network Gateway with Ethernet (Click Here)

Alec Commander Pro: Configuration Software via LAN