Life-Is-Easy: Networked Lighting Zone Controller

is a fully scalable, new generation of Smart Lighting control system that has been pre-qualified by the Canadian Government as a “Build In Canada Innovation” under the Federal Government's Build In Canada Innovation Program (BCIP).

Easy and cost-effective to implement, maximizes lighting energy savings intelligently and automatically while maintaining complete occupant comfort and safety, and compliance to all building energy codes.

SmartLighting Controllers are Made In Canada and are UL/CSA certified.


 Made In Canada

What is ?

is the world’s first intelligent lighting controller that integrates ALL lighting control functions and energy saving strategies into a single palm-sized unit . Each zone controller is an independent, individually programmable smart lighting controller that fully leverages the dimming capability of LED lighting to greatly reduce energy usage using multiple technologies simultaneously. (download Product Brochure here.)

What is – Explainer Video

Using for Open Office Lighting Control

Every controller has a built-in power-meter and kWh energy consumption data-logger, allowing it to measure and log (up to 20 years) historical power consumption for every individual zone for instant access over the TCP/IP network, making it an ideal product to meet the need for detailed data collection required by many modern “Smart Buildings”. Smart Buildings are the basic building blocks of a “Smart City”, and they aim to provide best comfort and convenience for their occupants, all while minimizing energy consumption.

An controller can work standalone to automate all the lighting control functions such as occupancy or time-scheduled ON, vacancy off, daylight harvesting etc, and easily meet or exceeds all the most up-to-date building energy standards such as ASHRAE 90.1, IECC etc, described in this table.

Once connected via low cost RS485 cable to an IoT Gateway, every controller is instantly accessible over the TCP/IP network, allowing simple integration into the Smart Building infrastructure.

Why Is Special?

1.  One Zone, One
  • Simple: Same setup for 1 or 1000 zones.
  • Low $$: Easy to plan/install/maintain.
  • Configurable: Meets all energy codes.
  • Robust System: All zones are independent.
2.  Smart Auto-Dimming algorithms
  • Enhances user’s comfort (increase productivity!), while saving energy
  • Dimming by industry standard TRIAC or 0-10V
  • No more sudden lights OFF!
3.  Many Built-in Hi-Tech Functions:
  • On-demand Power Reduction (Demand Response)
  • Schedulable Power Reduction period
  • TCP/IP networking/Internet-of-Things
  • Hourly/Daily Energy Usage Recording
  • Time-scheduling for a full year

achieves maximum energy saving by automatically dimming or turning off the artificial lighting that is not needed, such as when there is sufficient daylight or when all the occupants have left the zone. Whether it is a small office or home, a skyscraper or shopping mall, is your affordable and intelligent lighting control system.

Simple. Easily installable into a standard 4-inch electrical junction box by any electrician. Straightforward wiring, no programming skills required.
Powerful. Includes CPU, real-time clock, motion-detector, lux meter, energy meter, energy data logger, and industrial grade isolated RS485 networking, all in a single palm-sized unit. And of course a friendly configuration software interface for users. All this means simplicity and ease of use/adoption for users.
Reliable. Each self-contained unit can independently control an entire zone, unaffected by communication or network issues, thus ensuring fully operational local controls even when the network is shut down.
Flexible. You could install to control a few selected zones first, then expand later by adding more s anytime when you are ready. Adding new zones to your network has no impact on your existing setup. works with any brand of dimmable luminaires. You will not be locked in by a system that requires proprietary luminaires that may not be supported in the future.
Scalable. No added complexity for larger systems. Use to control lighting in a small area. Or, deploy hundreds (even thousands) of s throughout the building. s are easy to install and networked together into an intelligent system. Simply use low-cost, multi-drop twisted pair cables to network any number of zone controllers to an IoT gateway to manage all zones from a single computer screen.
Low Cost. ‘s design concept was aimed at minimizing product, planning and installation labor/wire costs. An All-in-One has intelligence to control ALL lighting functions. It can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of combining traditional individual devices, or that of custom-engineered solutions offered for larger projects.


Auto/Manual Dimming, Time-of-the-day Scheduling, Motion-On brightening and Vacancy-Off Dimming

Daylight Harvesting – Dim the light proportionally to daylight, so user gets the same total amount of light

Energy Consumption Logging
Internet-Of-Things (IoT) Ready

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