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SLC Installation Guide

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SLC Installation Guide :


SLC Programming & Commissioning

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Two incredibly simple ways:

1. Pre-Configuraton

The fully programmable LC1 or LC2 Smart Lighting Controller included with every SLC is incredibly simple to setup. Just connect a PC or a smart phone to the LC1/LC2 using a USB cable, and select one of the pre-defined profiles. Then click the “Write Settings” button on the screen, and the controller is setup and ready to deploy! You can further fine-tune every configurable parameter for special applications:

For more details, please visit SLC Configuration Guide


  1. LC1 and LC2 can be powered by the USB cable directly for programming purpose and hence can be configured quickly without being installed first!
  2. Programming via the USB port has the advantage that you can precisely read out all the settings on your phone or PC screen. You can also instantly read back the last programmed settings anytime for verification. IR remote programming on the other hand is a one-way process and you must rely on the green LED and the luminaire’s response as feedback signal to gauge if the last programmings were successful.
2. Field Commissioning

The new LC2 Smart Lighting controller is also fully programmable via a hand-held IR remote controller (model ARC-044), after it has been installed on the ceiling or the fixture. Four quick setting buttons allow you to commission almost any common illuminated spaces with a single press of a button: stairwell, carpark, enclosed or open offices etc. Additionally, by pressing a few keys on the controller, you can further fine tune any of the settings, such as vacancy brightness, vacancy time-out etc. You get a wide range of controls and extraordinary flexibility in this versatile and low cost Smart LED Conversion kit.

For more details on using the IR remote, please refer to the ARC-044 User Guide.