LC1 – The Low Cost Dimming Lighting Controller

The LC1 controller is an all-in-one lighting controller which turns any compatible 0-10V dimmable LED lights into smart lights. Smart lighting automatically reduces the light output when artificial light is not required.

Equipped with a sensitive passive infra-red occupancy sensor, a precision light meter and a high resolution 0-10V dimming output, the compact and low cost LC1 integrates smart lighting control technology into each and every individual luminaire!

The User Experience

LC1 will completely change the way you feel about lighting control.

Occupancy & Vaccancy Control

When you walk into a space, LC1 detects you and brightens the LED light smoothly to the working brightness level. When no one is around for a few minutes (adjustable), the light smoothly dims down to a low light level. You can set it to stay in the dim mode until it detects occupant(s) again, or to turn the light completely OFF after a few minutes in a dim (“holding brightness”) mode. This “dual-stage OFF” feature is supported by all smart lighting controllers.

With LC1’s “dual-stage OFF”, you will NEVER be confronted with the shock or annoyance of being left in the dark when lights abruptly turn OFF without warning. By transitioning first to a dimming mode after the LC1 detects no movement for a preset amount of time, the occupant simply makes slight movements to prevent the lights from turning OFF completely.

Daylight Harvesting

During daytime, when the sun provides sufficient illumination for the workspace, LC1 will automatically and slowly dim down the LED lights to save energy.

As soon as clouds cover the sun, LC1 will automatically brighten the LED lights to maintain good lighting for the workspace. Every light that is controlled by its own LC1 can respond differently, based on the amount of daylight it receives across the space it covers.

LC1 Smart LED Conversion Kit

If your current premises still use old 2’ or 4’ fluorescent tubes, SmartLighting has a simple solution for you. The LC1 Smart LED Conversion Kit instantly converts all your 20th century old lighting technology into Smart LED Lighting. And, it pays for itself in as little as 6 months!

LC1 Smart LED Conversion Kit combines an LC1 Controller with the RF1 LED Retrofit Kit and lets you transform each of your old fluorescent lights into Smart LED lights within a few minutes! Please refer to to see how much energy and dollar savings you can get by converting.


How Does LC1 Work?

LC1 attaches to the low voltage side of the dimmable LED driver circuit to power itself, and control the 0-10V dimming signals of the LED driver to reduce luminaire brightness when artificial light is not needed. Measuring only 2” x 1” x 0.4”, the inconspicuous LC1 can be attached to any compatible, 0-10V dimmable LED lighting fixture and turn it into a Smart Light with integrated sensor and controller.

How to Configure LC1 Controller?

1. Configuring with a screw driver

Ease of use is what differentiates the LC1 controller from traditional lighting controllers. You can easily change important control parameters using only the 3 trimmer potentiometers that are exposed when you slide open the trimmer cover:

  Adjustable Parameters:

1) Vacancy time-out: Dim the light when the time-out expires with no occupant detected. Adjustable from 1 to 30 minutes.

2) Working brightness level: Adjust to the most comfortable light level when occupied.

3) Vacancy light level: Set to either:
    i) a low light level, or
    ii) turn off completely after a default “holding” period when lights are maintained at a default “holding brightness” level.

Typically, these are the only parameters you need to set for LC1 to work in most commercial lighting applications.

2. Configuring via USB (optional)

Alternatively, you could connect LC1’s USB port to an Android smart phone/tablet (USB-OTG cable required), or to a PC. In this way, not only can you precisely define the abovementioned 3 values, you can also change many other default parameters, such as:

  Adjustable Parameters:

1) Fade On and Fade Off time – how long it takes the light to brighten or dim completely

2) Maximum brightness (aka High-End trim)

3) Holding light level for dual-stage OFF (Default = 25%)

4) Holding delay before OFF (Default = 120 seconds)

5) Daylight harvesting minimum light level. (Default = 0% which turns OFF light completely)

6) PID control parameters for daylight harvesting –determine how fast daylight harvesting responds to changes in ambient light level

7) Green LED indicator brightness

For more details, please refer to LC1 Configuration Guide