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Doing Nothing Can Be Expensive! Every 10 pcs of 2-lamp fluorescent running 24/7 @$0.15/kWh would cost your premises > $1,000 a year in electricity! A simple 10-minute conversion of fluorescent to Smart LED lights can immediately save you 80-95% energy and pay itself back within 1-3 years (with or without utility rebates).

ALEC SLC – Request For Price List

Tell us about your current lighting, and we’ll give you a no-obligation estimate of your savings and ROI with our ALEC SLC kits, along with a welcome incentive package for your first order!


Don’t hesitate – Now is the opportunity to replace those relatively inefficient and poorer quality fluorescent tubes on your ceiling and transform your good fixtures into 21st century, Smart LED Lights at minimum cost!

We guarantee that you will love the cool, automated and superior quality lighting that also reduces your energy footprint by 80-95%, and typically pay itself back within 1-3 years.