Request for Smart LED Conversion Pricing

Alec LED Conversion Pricing

Please tell us what type of lights you have (doesn’t matter if you have a few lights or a few hundred lights), and we will provide a quote for the estimated total installed cost for converting them to Smart LEDs. You will also get 50% OFF your first WELCOME SPECIAL SLC Starter Pack (inludes a 4′ SLC kit and a Programming Pack).

If you can provide more details about your current lighting, we will also generate a report (see sample report above) to show you how much your current fluorescent lighting energy costs you and how you can maximize energy savings using the latest Smart LED technology. Let the numbers speak for themselves!


Wondering if SLC is right for you? Then click the picture below to view some real-life SLC projects that could be similar to yours:

Doing Nothing Can Be Expensive! Every 10 pcs of 2-lamp fluorescent running 24/7 @$0.15/kWh cost your premises > $1,000 a year in electricity and consume enough energy to power an electric car for more than 50,000km (30,000 miles)!

A simple 10-minute conversion of fluorescent to Smart LED lights can immediately help you eliminate energy waste and save you 80-95% energy. The SLC typically pays itself back within 1 – 3 years (with or without utility rebates) . You get automated and superior quality lighting while reducing your energy footprint – that’s a green windfall for you and the earth!